The Quest of Alonso Quijano, escape from the Guardians.

The piece during the "North Seas" exhibition in the village of Addlethorpe.

The initial drawing for the piece.

The figure during the day.

The guard tower.

The figure in the evening.

"The Quest of Alonso Quijano in the post-modern; escape from the Guardians".

Installation of wood, paper, metal and spotlight. 

This work explores the relationship between today's many "Establishments" and ourselves,  the control they exert and our ongoing struggle to favour the ideals we like, we challenge and those with which we disagree outright. The piece comprises a figure made from pages of the Encyclopaedia Britannica seeking to escape undesired authority, but tied to its influence through the narratives and history  recorded with language. The work also explores  the subtle ways in which language and its functional mechanisms influences our actions and the choices we make.