Nine Point Circle


Oil on Voile

39.7 x 39 x 4.5 cm


Why mathematical formula exist, I don't know but they fascinate me, This work was created using the "Nine Point Circle". Every triangle has a nine point circle within it you can see in the diagram adjacent, Draw a triangle, any triangle (although it may be best to start with an acute triangle), mark the midpoints of each side (3 points), then drop an altitude from each vertex to the opposite side, and mark the points where the  intersect the opposite side. (If the triangle is obtuse, an altitude will be outside the triangle, so extend the opposite side until it intersects.), notice that the  intersect at a common point. Mark the midpoint between each vertex and this common point. when you have these nine point they all fall within a perfect circle. In the painting, I sheared the triangle by the distance of two of these points and created the image above.

The dimensions given above are the frame dimensions, (needed to calculate postage) the dimensions of the support 35.7 x 35 x 2.3 cm.

The frame is painted wood.