A Ploughed Field Remembered


Oil on Canvas

65.7 x 66 x 5 cm

This was inspired by an event in my youth at the age of nineteen, I remember the place to this day 51 years later, Thing had been difficult at that time and I did not have the words to explain to anyone how I felt, I could not explain to myself and I remember sitting under a stand of pine trees disconsolate and destressed not knowing what to do.. I can still live that couple of hours with little effort. 

I can place all the elements into my memory except on which returns continually, that is the ploughed field, there was none around me or in sight, yet it permeates the memory, hence the title.

The dimensions given above are the frame dimensions, ( required for calculation of postage). The support dimensions are 51.5 x 51.7 x 2.5 cm.