Sometimes When I Am Lonely


Acrylic on Canvas

Frame Dimensions: 128 x 138 x 4.4 cm

About the Work Process: At this period in my practice one of the fields I am exploring is the ability to define abstract feelings through colour, shape and texture. This I am trying to achieve not in a random way but starting with the idea and trying to realise it on the blank canvas.

As you would imaging this never happens immediately and sometimes I will work and rework a painting over many months to achieve what I think is a representation on the idea I started out with. Although I start out trying to be direct there are many twists and turns as I find parts of the image that works and other parts that don’t reworking them over and over.

Many of these works on average have about seven or eight layers on them and this can sometimes reach sixteen to seventeen layers until I reach the final image I am happy with. The layers often are thin washes which I feel gives depth to the void or area that the work seems to happen in, this work took about two months and has approximately twelve layers.

About the Work Idea: Loneliness, has many facets and can be devastating to some people in many circumstances but the loneliness I was interested in was the one where I choose loneliness where I can be creative, it is not something I choose but it arrives every now and then and I find it peaceful but there is still a sense of absence about the time. Perhaps because I can choose when to end it it is not the loneliness of despair but I am still experiencing a feeling of being alone in the world.